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Electric Forklift

Our new-generation forklifts are equipped with the travels motors of 6kW and 10kW manufactured using Italian technologies. Our pump motors are of 15kV and 24kW manufactured using Italian technologies, which makes us preferable over our competitors… The new generation control units save on energy by 10%.

Economic +

Offers more energy saving during the operation since the electricity cost is far less than the other options.

Eco-Friendly +

Electric forklifts must be used, in particular, in indoor locations.

Environmentally-Friendly +

Powered by electricity instead of fossil fuel, not polluting the environment and air.

Clean +

Clean and operate silently. Electric forklifts makes less noise compared to forklifts with internal combustion engines.

Why Sanica?

The new generation, domestically-manufactured electric forklifts from SANICA: PUMA, LEON, PANTER and TIGER are manufactured at our factory located in Akhisar, Manisa by our highly trained and experienced technicians using the state-of-the-art technologies.

These domestically-manufactured, ergonomic forklifts are of the environmentally-friendly, new generation forklifts with a lifting mechanism up to a high of 3300 mm to 7000 mm for loads of 2 tons to 4 tons, equipped with 3 or 4 wheels, at weight of 1.6 tons to 2 tons, with a joystick control system offering the same features offered by many well-known brands and, with the electronic components (engine control units etc.) provided by SME, an Italian, developed and designed as a result of a joint effort of Italian and Spanish engineers.

Our electric forklifts are durable and affordable. Offering a high level of return on investment, our forklifts also consume far less energy compared to those powered by fossil fuels. From the point of view of operating expenses, these forklifts pay back the historical cost at a single shift within 2 years. They also offer a strong driving mechanism with the option of 80V.

The new-generation, domestically-manufactured, electric forklifts from SANICA are made available to the customers along with the alternative affordable solutions in the fields of mechanical maintenance and repair, electronic & electric component repairs, the sales of wheels and batteries, the sales of new forklifts, the sales of second hand forklifts, the renting of forklift flees and insurance services…

Advantages from Sanica Forklifts Advanced Electric Forklift Technologies

Working Process 1
LCD Display

LCD Display

Working Process 2
15kW and 24kW of Engines

15kW and 24kW of Engines

Working Process 3
Additional Savings by 10%

Additional Savings by 10%

Working Process 4
Spare Parts and Servicing

Spare Parts and Servicing

BATTERIES 48V / 625 Ah. / 750 Ah

Long lasting traction batteries, Multi-function LCD displays. Digital failure notification system, Protection system for risky conditions. From the point of view of operating expenses, consuming far less energy compared to those powered by fossil fuels, these forklifts pay back the historical cost at a single shift within 2 years. They also offer a strong driving mechanism with the option of 80V.

New Generation Electric Forklifts

Our forklifts feature a joystick control system, have a capacity of 1.6 to 4 tons, 3 or 4 wheels and an option of 80V, and are equipped with security sensors (operator seat security/detection, load weighing/scale, load security, safe turning maneuvers, can accident system, loading warning, height and slope…).





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    Sorular ve cevaplar Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

    Our forklifts have the features of the ability to control all the maneuvers from a single point with the new generation smart joystick, a failure warning system on the digital dashboard, fire-extinguishing, operator detection sensor, sleep mode etc.
    The most distinct feature that differs an electric forklift from other forklifts is the productivity and fuel saving. Sanica forklifts that are easy to drive and operate silently will reduce your operating costs.
    10% of energy saving with the economic mode button and, the sleep mode (the power is disconnected and the sleep mode gets activated in 5 seconds after the operator releases the accelerator pedal).