Founded in 1987, SANICA is the first manufacturer of Acrylic Bathtubs in Turkey and also manufactures in 7 Main Groups in total: the Bathroom and Spa Group, the Flush Tank Group, the Heat and Installment Group, the Combi Boiler Group, the Infrastructure and Superstructure Pipe Group, the Glass Group, and the Electric Forklift and Stacking Machine Group.

Why Sanica?
The new generation, domestically-manufactured electric forklifts from SANICA: PUMA, LEON, PANTER and TIGER are manufactured at our factory located in Akhisar, Manisa by our highly trained and experienced technicians using the state-of-the-art technologies.

These domestically-manufactured, ergonomic forklifts are of the environmentally-friendly, new generation forklifts with a lifting mechanism up to a high of 3300 mm to 7000 mm for loads of 2 tons to 4 tons, equipped with 3 or 4 wheels, at weight of 1.6 tons to 2 tons, with a joystick control system offering the same features offered by many well-known brands and, with the electronic components (engine control units etc.) provided by SME, an Italian, developed and designed as a result of a joint effort of Italian and Spanish engineers.

Our electric forklifts are durable and affordable. Offering a high level of return on investment, our forklifts also consume far less energy compared to those powered by fossil fuels. From the point of view of operating expenses, these forklifts pay back the historical cost at a single shift within 2 years. They also offer a strong driving mechanism with the option of 80V.

The new-generation, domestically-manufactured, electric forklifts from SANICA are made available to the customers along with the alternative affordable solutions in the fields of mechanical maintenance and repair, electronic & electric component repairs, the sales of wheels and batteries, the sales of new forklifts, the sales of second hand forklifts, the renting of forklift flees and insurance services…

750 employees in 72 countries

The family of Sanica continues to grow. With 750 employees, Sanica manufactures in the factories located in Istanbul, Akhisar and Elazığ.

After-Sales Support

Offering fast, affordable and quality services to the customers every time and everywhere, Sanica provides after-sales support at 24/7 with perfect customer relationships and an extended warranty period.

Unique Designs

With slim and elegant designs, Sanica commits to offering the highest quality products and keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level at all times.


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